“I Gotta Know” was the debut single from the artist Figgkidd. The single was a last-minute addition to the album. It came about when Lui and Figgkidd aka Lee Monro were finalising the mixing and mastering of the album in LA and the Sony A&R reached out to the pair and said they needed a radio friendly single. At the time, it was well known in the Unda K9 camp that after a day of mixing the crew would head up to Crazy Girls strip club for after studio drinks. It was up in Crazy Girls that Lui and Figg ran into Redfoo an old LA mate at the time and he was very excited to catch up as he had a beat (music bed) for the pair to hear in hopes we would use it for the album. Lui the executive producer – went to Redfoo’s car to hear the beat and fell in love with it. “It was a fresh sound and that’s what we were all about” she said. Lui took the beat back to the apartment and played it to Figg who immediately felt the track and wanted Tech N9ne on it. The rest is history.